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08 Apr 2022

Portugal 6th for most female Entrepreneurs

Portugal occupies the sixth position in the ranking of countries with the highest percentage of women entrepreneurs, ahead of countries such as Spain, Italy or Ireland. By...

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29 Mar 2022

What is the 90/180 Visa Rule? Basically, How many days can I spend in Portugal without a residence permit?

UK nationals - Without an official residence permit, as a ‘third country’ visitor post-Brexit, UK nationals can now only spend up to 90 days in any 180-day period...

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22 Feb 2022

Moving to Portugal post Brexit – visa options for UK nationals

Moving to Portugal post Brexit – visa options for UK nationals (full article in The Portugal News ) A major consequence has been to the rights of British nationals to...

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26 Oct 2021

7.6% increase in house prices

  The third quarter has revealed a 7.6 percent increase in house prices in Portugal when compared to the same period of 2020. Data from Imovirtual has found that the...

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26 Jul 2021

Celebrating - 3 years in Business!

Celebrating 3 years in business! Thank you to everyone who has supported us along this journey so far. From the first vendors who trusted in us and listed their property...

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22 Jun 2021

Reduction of 50-75% on ex-SCUT toll roads as of the 1st of July

The government has approved reductions on tolls of 50-75% on ex-SCUT roads, which includes the A22 in the Algarve. The reductions will be brought into force as of the 1st...

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26 May 2021

Real estate the force behind strong Foreign direct investmet in Portugal

Real estate the force behind strong Foreign direct investmet in Portugal Investment in real estate purchases and companies boosted foreign direct investment (FDI) in...

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27 Apr 2021

Modular and pre fabricated housing

Modular and pre fabricated housing Now, more than ever people are looking toward more affordable housing options and since the pandemic people more exterior space. One...

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28 Jan 2021

D7 Visa - Allowing non EU citizens Portuguese residency

What is the D7 Visa? How can British citizens now gain Portuguese residency? The D7 visa is an affordable and attractive visa allowing non-EU citizens to get Portuguese...

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15 Dec 2020

BREXIT - New residence permit

If you are British and have residency in Portugal you need to apply for a residency permit, which can be done online...

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08 Sep 2020

Government incentives on home improvements

Home Improvements – Everything involving the new government support on improving energy efficiency of homes   A 4.5 million program was launched in Portugal...

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05 Aug 2020

F1 comes to the Algarve!

F1 comes to the Algarve! Portimão’s Algarve International Racetrack has been officially confirmed as the venue for the ‘F1 Heineken Grand Prix Portugal’, which will...

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