A guide to buying in Portugal

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A guide to buying in Portugal

An informed buyer is a happy buyer

Buying a property should be an exciting process but once you have found your new Algarve home it is important to know what happens next so that you are fully informed and are not met with any surprises.


At Sampson Property we are committed to equipping our clients with all the information necessary before investing in Portugal and are always here to help you every step of the way on your property journey.


We have created a comprehensive guide to all the ins and outs, procedures, taxes etc. We hope you find this information helpful but if you need clarification on any of the points please feel free to contact us. We value ourselves on offering a transparent reliable service from the start of your search.


Download our complete guide to Buying a property in Portugal for further information.


To read official information about investments visit the website Portugal Global.


Tax benefits and costs

There are many favourable tax conditions available for property owners in Portugal, including the NHR programme and the Golden Visa scheme.


Download our complete guide to Tax benefits and costs for property buyers for further information or contact us to if you would like to discuss your personal situation in further depth.


For further official information about the Portuguese Tax System click here.